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It's Sake O'Clock!

Authentic Japanese Sake, imported just for you.

Echte Sake Kaufen! Buy real Sake at Finedorps Sake!

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Drink with wine glass

Enjoy in a wine glass, you don't need anything else.

Drink it chilled

Get that bottle chilled before opening, just like white wine!

Very fruity and light!

With only about 15% Alc this bottle is really fruity and easy to drink!

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"Finedrops is a one-stop shop for anybody to grab an authentic Japanese Sake, directly imported from the traditional family-owned breweries in Japan."

With more than 150 years of tradition, our brewer has continued to embrace the gift of nature in their region and has thrived to improve qualities of their main ingredients over the time. With massive attention to detail on every brewing process, our brewer ensures constant quality that best represents their region. 

We at Finedrops want to connect such magnificent brewers with rich local traditions to the audiences around the world. We do not want you to be confused on different Japanese words used to describe sake. We believe that our hand selected bottle will transmit the passion and love for sake from us and our brewer. 

We sincerely hope you will take that first step with us in getting to know sake.

It's Sake O'Clock!